SLO Tracker




Missouri school leaders are currently making preparations to implement Student Learning Objectives for the 2015-2016 school year, as one component of their educator evaluation system. A Student Learning Objective is a process in which teachers establish a measureable goal of academic growth and monitor such growth throughout an interval of instruction. In order to execute SLOs successfully, teachers work through the following steps:

1) Gather and analyze student data on specific learning content.
2) Use collected data to establish student growth targets for every student.
3) Formatively assess student progress in order to effectively adjust instruction.
4) Monitor student progress to determine if each student is meeting set target.


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Teacher Benefits


  • User-friendly way to enter and monitor student learning information
  • Immediate feedback on student achievement levels in order to make sound instructional decisions.

Leader Benefits


  • Easy administrative access to view and reflect on teacher and student level progress.
  • Archived data to make informed decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment adjustments.
  • Educator evaluation data on student growth is captured in one location.