About Us

About Us


  • Founded in 2008 by two teachers, one with degrees in computer science, educational leadership, & math and the other in instructional technology & business/marketing.


  • First product, GradeWatch, was designed for our own school for our intervention program & we saw a 40% decrease in D's & F's. "Hey we may be on to something."


  • As our school switched to less paper & more technology we found ourselves writing more software & eventually ended up creating online software for homework tracking, paperless meetings, curriculum mapping software, online work order submissions, & bus requests.


  • Instead of marketing them individually we decided to put them all together: Web School Tools!


  • We hope you can utilize our products, we think you'll find them affordable & the service a million times faster compared to your large corporate educational software companies + the fact that we can completely customize anything to meet your individual school's needs.